Portfolio Management Service Providers

Almost all of us know that feeling of security when, as a child, our fathers used to carry us. A feeling that will stay with us forever, isn’t it? That is what we do as portfolio management service providers. Our advisors, with expertise in the same field, will make you feel comfortable and will stay with you throughout your investment journey. These services are availed by high-net worth individuals or companies who want a personalized management for their finances. A team of experts conduct ample research on markets to provide a customized solution to the recipient to reach unique investment objectives. It takes best selection of an investment chance and active monitoring for better results.

Investors have an all-time access to their account so that they can track their portfolios at any given point. Our PMS offerings have two asset classes – Debt and Equity, with numerous options for each asset class.

Premium Investment With Range of Options

We, as a Management Service Provider, offer to professionally manage your investments with an aim to deliver regular returns. It frees you from all the financial hassles with benefits like strong risk management flexibility and regular reviews.

Types of Portfolios

  • Advantage Portfolio:
    It is set to invest primarily in Mid and Small cap companies’ equities that have a good quality management and track record.
  • Freedom Portfolio:
    It invests in all sorts of cap stocks, i.e., the Large, mid and small cap stocks, that have high growth potential.

Risk Factors
Stocks are usually held for medium to long term. In that case, market volatility can affect the net asset value.

Key Benefits of Portfolio Management Services

  • Active and Strong risk management
  • Diversification of portfolio to adequately spread equity related risks
  • Regular and active portfolio rebalancing and monthly review
  • Professional and experienced fund-management team
  • Pliability to switch from one strategy to another
  • Partial and additional withdrawal facility

Why Choose Us for Portfolio Management?

  • We believe in ‘buy and hold’ philosophy with our aim of better post tax returns for clients
  • Focused Portfolio Investments for clients
  • Clients have 24*7 access to their portfolios on the internet
  • We provide clients with CA Certified Tax statement after the end of every financial year
  • Our strategy is to suite your investment plans so that you get good results

Products We have for You

  • We provide you with value strategy. It aims to benefit the long-term effect on investments done in good businesses
  • We aim to deliver superior returns by investing in themes that are focused in nature. Our strategy is to capitalize on the themes of consumerism

More Reasons to Invest with Us

  • We are amongst India’s leading portfolio management service providers
  • Our work has consistently outperformed leaving no stone unturned when it comes to client satisfaction
  • We provide clients with Monthly portfolio management service’s  performance reports plus interaction with the fund management team
  • We have dedicated Relationship Managers for your account and a centralized team of coordinators for struggle-free service
  • We also provide you with local servicing across India
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